West Indian Hindu Weddings

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West Indian Hindu Weddings

Hinduism is a very rich and diverse religion to people of Indian heritage.  Due to the West Indian Hindu wedding diaspora phenomena over time and in all corners of the world, Hinduism has changed its shape to meet the needs of people with new cultures, modernity, language and even food. With a Long Island Indian wedding planner we have understand what couples want in their West Indian Hindu weddings.

Guyanese or Trinidadian Hindus are very different from Gujarati Hindus or Punjabi Hindus (and these are just a few examples). Guyanese or Trinidadian Hindus are usually 3rd or 4th  generation descendants of Indian immigrants over a century ago. While the Indian culture thrives in the West Indies, some of their religious Hindu practices have been altered or phased out to accommodate the new climate and access to items needed for the ceremonies. Also, many traditions that the Gujurati Hindus or Punjabi Hindus may have a generation ago have changed with the widespread access to the age of information.

We at Chandai Events are well versed with such differences between the variety of Hindu weddings; the various practices and ceremonies and how to accommodate such needs for each culture groups especially in Long Island, New York.

We know where to look and whom to ask to make each Long Island Hindu wedding ceremony shine with fresh and up to date looks while maintaining all types of Hindu cultural religious needs especially a West Indian Hindu weddings.

Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips

1. Hire a Planner:  While this may seem self-serving, I can’t possibly encourage you more to hire a top wedding planner to help you find solutions to your wedding.  Also by hiring us as your top Long Island Indian wedding planner, you will be able to have fun planning your wedding and living your daily lives without the stress.

2. Knowing: Asking the right question for your ceremony can assist in timing what you can work with.  A Hindu ceremony is exciting and fun to witness, however, it can seem patchy and disorganized if not planned correctly to go in tune with your practices. Don’t wait on having a real conversation with your parents and close family about the Hindu traditions you may have.

3. What to expect:  After all, as explained before Hindu wedding ceremonies can be tricky with all the different practices out there. Be assertive about what applies to you. This can determine how much time you’re allocating for a rock star-worthy ceremony.

As a Long Island Indian wedding planner, we have infinite secret tips; contact me and we can chat more about your wedding and your individual needs!


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