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Weddings and event films are some of the most beautiful memories you can keep from such important moments in life. As an experienced Indian wedding planner in New York, I specialize in all types of Hindu, Islamic, interfaith, and catholic weddings. We love being able to show through film how colorful, romantic, timeless, luxurious, and full of joy those weddings are. 

We love planning all types of weddings and showcasing the couples’ tastes, vision, and passion. Since weddings are our passion, we want to assist couples in creating unique celebrations through our multiple services. Our services are Full Wedding Planning, Partial Planning, and Month of Coordination, and we would love to work with you at your wedding. Wedding planner NYC films are brought to you by all of the wonderful vendors we work with.

Our experience as Indian wedding planners has taught us the importance of including a filmmaker; for us is a must-have to help you capture all the surrounding events of your wedding, from the sangeet, the Garba, Graha Shanti puja, baraat, milini, and the ceremony and party on the wedding day. Wedding planner NYC films are here to capture weddings in different locations with different loves across different faiths. 

Having an epic wedding event film helps you enjoy and relive moments of an event that took so much time and effort to plan. You can share it with your family near or far, so they can witness such important moments in your life. The clips, the smiles, the tears, and the hugs that were part of your celebration will forever remain in a beautiful film for you to come and visit all the times you want for years to come. 

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