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Top Wedding Event Planner Long Island?

As one of the swankiest top wedding event planner Long Island, we have nothing but passion for what we do.  Your amazing wedding is booked at a fabulous hotel or intimately held in your backyard. You have prepared a cry-your-heart-out ceremony and put forward your creative side with luxurious decor.  However, you have 200 guests to be on time and you are the host.

What do you do first?

Well, hire a Long Island wedding planner to assist you with your logistics. Your wedding is one of the most notable highlights of your life. It marks the beginning of a new journey and it is accentuated by the love you and your spouse to behave for each other. Also, it is an emotional and exciting time for your family and friends who look forward to being present at your nuptials.

How do we help your guests be on time? It is to no one’s surprise that humans are somehow programmed to always be late. To accommodate your guests, we can assist you with hiring a shuttle vehicle to pick up your guests so that they don’t have to worry about driving to and back from your wedding. Especially if you have your ceremony at one location and the reception at another, hiring a shuttle vehicle will impress your guests and it will speak volumes of your consideration.

Long Island style weddings serve as some of the most luxurious settings for weddings, whether at a hotel or in your backyard, we at Chandai Events know who to call. With our connection with the top décor artists, entertainers, photographers and food vendors to fit any budget, we are able to assist with bringing your vision to life. We are the point of contact of the day for all your vendors so that everything is in place at the right time and right place. You want your wedding logistics to appear seamless and effortless. No small detail should be left out as they importantly mark the auspiciousness of your day.

If there is a break between the ceremony and reception, we will ensure that your guests are directed to the right space, are entertained and well cared for so that you may enjoy your wedding as well.

We’d love to help you with your Long Island Wedding Planning – you can request information by clicking here!


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