Long Island Indian Wedding

What do you do with kids at a Long Island Indian Wedding?

Long Island Indian Wedding

It is no secret that the typical Long Island Indian wedding celebrations span over a couple of days having multiple moving parts and multiple events. with their amazing ethnic cuisines stationed at every nook at cranny of the colorful venue to the hippest wedding music blaring in the background and let’s not forget the Bollywood style dancing!

It all looks like one large beautiful chaos as it is also no secret that Indo-American Long Island Weddings are comprised of very big families. This means you will always expect to see in the background see hordes of children running around, being hushed, or given that behave-yourself-or-else stare. After all, these tiny people are looking to entertain themselves while immersed in their own little world without a care for the importance or meaning of the event itself.

Modern Long Island Indian weddings are now planned along the lines of sophistication and more care is put into the details of decorum, even for guests who look forward to fully be present at your event – without the interruption of their kid wanting to go potty. And, since every Indo-American is seemingly separated by 2 degrees, most likely their go-to sitter is also a guest at the wedding.  This puts your family or friends in a dilemma where oftentimes rather than face embarrassment of not attending your wedding, much to their own discomfort, they bring their children.

What do you do? Take your Long Island Indian wedding sophistication up a notch and hire a nanny care service to entertain and take care of the children who are 8 and younger. Your guests who are parents will be impressed with your consideration and will be wholly present to witness your nuptials without worry.

Today I speak with Simone Ross of Lil Tux n’ Tiaras Event Sitter, a professional in the nanny care- event sitter world. She comes to your venue prepared to entertain the children with arts and craft, painting and fun filled activities during the time frame of your event. They even make sure the children eat and cater to their special needs while their parents tend to your big day!

Chat with us at Chandai Events, your Long Island Wedding Planner and let’s explore options.


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