Wedding Day of Coordination

What should look for in a Long Island Indian Wedding Day of Coordinator?

Wedding Day of Coordination

WOW! You have made it this far along your wedding planning with two months to go and have not killed your partner yet.  You and your partner have agreed on the color scheme, menu, sent out the wedding invitations, you have picked the finest dress and booked the perfect venue. Now you are embodying another title which takes on a whole meaning in itself. Aside from being the bride or groom, you are also playing Host. Specifically “hostess with the mostess” – this means, having your event being a memorable, seamless and nothing short of perfection that will present itself to your families and friends – a moment they will remember you for possibly the rest of their lives. With having a Wedding Day of Coordination company make you worry-free on the day of event.

With this mounting pressure, what can you do to put your best forward? Hire a Long Island Indian wedding day of coordinator.

While you may have your parents, bridesmaids and about 10 aunts to help out, they are also guests or participants in your ceremony and reception – there are certain tasks you can’t assign to them.  You want them to enjoy your moment of bliss without worrying about logistics and the fluidity of the program.

Hiring a Long Island Wedding Day of Coordination company is a great solution. Typically, you will meet at least six weeks before the day of the wedding to discuss what is already in place and what’s left to be done on the day of the wedding. Together you will go over your contracts with the various vendors and the venue. Most vendors will take the rest of the payment on the day of the event and often times the contract with the venue comes with a variety of stipulations of what’s allowed, clean up and care of their property.  You have wedding favors, programs, seating arrangements and floral decorations to be put in specific areas of the venue. The Day of Coordinator is the liaison and point person you will entrust these tasks and who will ensure that your vision and timeline of events are implemented.

What is a wedding without some drama, hiccup or lost items?  Picking the right Day of Coordinator begins with asking the right questions. How would he or she help with a certain situation? If there is a rowdy guest or one of the Vendors did not provide a service in the contract? Pick a Wedding Day of Coordinator to be the person with solutions for you and your guests, one who will ensure that all your items are check marked and accounted for. That your wedding is over, the wedding presents and envelopes are securely packed away; that the venue has not been left with any damages; that the vendors have left the premises.

Hiring a Long Island Wedding Day of Coordinator will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your partner as you embark on your new life. You will be guaranteed a good time at your own wedding where you can spend quality time with your family and friends and be wholly present.

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