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Weddings are our passion! As a Long Island full wedding planning we have a detail list of items we cover. What we especially love about weddings are the seemingly infinite varieties, themes and creativity our couples bring to the table. Mixing old traditions with the new; with the top-notch videography, it’s your personal documentary to share with the world.  Weddings are no longer the boring family compulsory get together of the years past. Today, whether you are close family or friends, a wedding can be the highlight of your summer or the most exciting event to break up that winter spell. Despite it being for the couple, a wedding is essentially a celebration for all invited.

Let us take a walk through Marilyn and Ricky’s full Long Island wedding planning. This beautiful couple allotted a 1-year span to plan which was thoughtful for time and control.

Starting with a controlled guest list and a definitive number, we were able to explore a number of venues with the budget in mind and a checklist in hand.  Together we carefully chose the best venue that checked off the list.

The winner was the North Ritz Club in Syosset, Long Island for an off-season Sunday night reception.  Choosing a day off season plays and a Sunday night reception was perfect for this couple’s budget and guest list. The North Ritz Club offers that picturesque, luxurious background for Long Island Wedding. Their well-cared garden encircles a pond is transformative. One would feel as though they are in the middle of the country.

The next steps were securing photography and cinematographer. We at Chandai Events have a full database of such connections that met the needs of this couple. Marilyn and Ricky went through a handful of portfolios with a vision in mind. We were able to book Events Capture of Long Island to capture their day, with all the details of their color scheme, flowers, décor – we were able to accomplish what suited their budget and vision.

While the North Ritz Club provided catering, finding outside catering and coordinating that would have been no task for us at Chandai Events. Most often, some couples prefer different foods for their reception. Negotiating and performing the logistics with outside vendors including the DJ or entertainment and ensuring their set up is with the rules of the venue is part of what we ensure.  Vendor insurance details and contracts are especially important documents to have on hand on the day of the event. Marilyn and Ricky entrusted such cares in our hand and their event took off without a hitch!

Marilyn and Ricky started with a vision and became a vision on their day. With our professional advice, expertise, and experience, we were able to assist this lovely couple with all the details and logistics to make their dream wedding and possibility.

We’d love to help you with your Long Island full wedding planning – you can request information by clicking here!


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