NYC Wedding Planner

How does a NYC wedding planner prepare

your hotel welcome bags for your out of town guest?

NYC Wedding planner

Your BIG DAY is here and your guests are all ready to celebrate with you. Want to WOW them from the moment they check in?
As an NYC wedding planner, we love being on time for every event, creating a perfect welcome letter and itineraries is our nature. We love being a part of assembling the perfect welcome bag that will make your guest feel right at home. Having a welcome bags is creating the experience upon arrival. It shows you are think of them. 

  1. Welcome letter: This letter can include a welcome story and it shall also include a thank you greeting. If you can personalize them, even better. It can also include your itinerary that includes the transportation schedule, event timing and even mealtimes.
  2. Snacks: Who doesn’t want to satisfy their travels with some refreshments? Snacks represent the couple, creating the bag assist in the guest that they are not missing anything. You can add a bottle of water; healthy snacks; fun snacks; gum; cookies; candy; etc….
  3. ​ A map of the city/country you are in. On the downtime, do some site seeing and dine a little.

​As an NYC wedding planner, I’ve got a ton more ideas, contact me and we can chat more about your wedding and your individual needs!


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