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Do you know the What is the difference between an Event Planner from an Event Designer?

Yes, both are similar but many differences between.  
As a New York City Indian wedding Planner, we love to focus more on the logistics, the couples budget and be the liaison for the couple. Chandai Events is your dependable planner.
Event designers/Event Stylist create and execute the vision of the couple.  They are the professionals responsible for the style, design, floral and etc.
As a New York City Indian wedding Planner, we love to work with multiple designers/stylists such as Design House, Exclusive Events, Florista Decor, Wedding Design and more. 
While an Event Planner may also be a designer, planners are planners first.  They place emphasis on their clients’ overall experience and needs. Responsible event planners such as Chandai Events read all of your contracts and is attentive to every detail.  The Event Planner professional are a TEAM to support their client’s event.  
Event planners and designers represent the best of both worlds!
The top 3 difference between your New York City wedding planner as an event planner and event designer
Event Designer:
1. Your event designer’s prime purpose is to transform your space. While many stylists will create contracts that allow them to collaborate with your photographer to style your event details for photos later in the day, most designers will leave once set up is complete and will return at the end of the night to pick up their materials. Your designer is not an event planner.
2. Event designers are focused on creating stunning visual displays at your wedding.
3. Because your designer is creating a personal brand for your wedding day, the option to work with she/he for the month leading up to your wedding likely won’t exist. And it shouldn’t! Plan to work with your designer for at least 6 months – 1 year at least.
Event Planner:
1. These pros are focused on your wedding day’s logistics.
2.from timelines to family relationships, event planners know every last detail about your wedding. But, they may not have designed the visual display.
3. You have the option of working with us for a varied amount of time (think: entire engagement or just the month leading up to your wedding day)
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