Destination Indian Weddings

Why Have Destination Indian Weddings become so popular? 

Destination Indian Weddings

Let us be real, Indian Weddings have changed over the last decade. What has become very popluar is destination Indian weddings.  Décor, attire and even menu options are more personalized to tastes and personalities aka Instagram worthy.  Couples, ALONG WITH THEIR FAMILIES, are bringing forth their creativity.  The big fat Indian family always makes it more interesting.  Indian Weddings are not your average guest list of 120 but more like 550 and up.

Indian Weddings have become more than just trendy.  There are a million reasons why to consider have a destination Indian Wedding.  Here are some … Couples want a more intimate ceremony; couples want to be in service and give their guests the experience; Couples are opening their horizons on perfect wedding location; Indian Wedding couples are paying for their own weddings more frequently and choose destination Indian wedding as a saving. At the end the day, destination weddings are fablous, you can have all year round. But I would out of hurricane season if your thinking of the Caribbean. 

As a top Long Island destination Indian wedding planner, I’ve got a ton more money saving tips.  Contact me and we can chat more about your upcoming nuptials and your individual needs! 


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