Long Island Wedding Coordinator

 What is the difference between a Day of Coordinator versus Month of Planning

with your Long Island wedding coordinator?

Long Island Wedding Coordinator

We love being your Long Island wedding coordinator. You are planning the wedding of your dreams, your super sweet sixteen, your swanky milestone birthday or even your chic engagement party. You have done most of the planning yourself and now you’re inquiring for a Long Island wedding coordinator to help you on the day of the event!

“Day of” Coordinator is a misleading term as it appears as though the Day of Coordinator has waved his or her magical wand and everything has unfolded perfectly. In actuality the planning has already been done, coordination between vendors have already been established months and weeks prior to the event. The “Day of” Coordinator is just an enforcer of sorts on the actual day of the event; he or she is not a “Planner” who was involved in selecting vendors, décor and style choices – rather he or she is just to ensure that the timeline or schedule is being followed by the vendors and all parties involved.

The month of planning is about 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event with Chandai Events. We have unlimited emails and phone calls to discuss what has been planned and highlight any unforeseen problems that may arise. We assist with making any adjustments that will maintain the integrity of your vision but also allow the day to be successful without a hitch.  Together, we establish the framework of your event with proper coordination and vetting of the Vendors so that everyone is on the same page, and create a team like environment for your event. In essence, the month of planning with you, the vendors and staff are akin to a behind-the-scenes-family that will ensure you and family have a wonderful experience.The month of planning offers security to you so that while in your enjoyment, you are reassured that your event is unfolding seamlessly.

We look forward to being a part of your planning experience as your Long Island Indian wedding planner, for more information – click here!


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