Indian Weddings Long Island

What are Indian Weddings Long Island?

Indian Weddings Long Island

Shaadi, Mehndi, Henna, Nikah, Walima, Gaye Holud, and Baraat are exciting words for Indian Weddings Long Island. They translate to Indian Wedding season and that means that there will be epic planning and plentiful events where families and longtime friends meet. It’s truly an electric time during an Indian wedding where the air of possibility is enriched by the colors, sounds, smells, and emotions. A chance to witness matrimony could mean your chance run-in with your future wife or husband, or if it’s pure chance but rather the match-making magic of the all-seeing aunties and uncles. Indian weddings Long Island are filled with love, lots of festivities and great food!

With Indian nationals living all over the world and assimilating into different cultures, most still carry on their traditions, religions and cultural aspects throughout the generations. Modern day wedding ceremonies are done at home, Mandir, Temple and even in the Mosque, which is easily found in such places like the melting pot of New York’s Long Island.

A glamorous feeling resonates with Long Island Indian weddings. Long Island’s gold coast juxtaposed with the colorful Indian Wedding is unforgettable. No matter the size, every Long Island Indian wedding radiates opulence as guests are also dressed to the nines. The color wheel is exponential at its best with the variety of color combinations, patterns and intricate designs from the décor to the bridal outfits. We at Chandai Events are well versed with such style and know just which Long Island Indian wedding décor specialists to bring your vision to life and which Long Island Indian wedding videography and photography to capture it all.

What’s a Long Island Indian wedding without exemplary food and entertainment? The beauty of a Long Island Indian wedding is that there are varieties of such services located in Long Island that will bring the nostalgia of the motherland to your wedding. From Indian, Gujurati, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghani food services and entertainment – we are well versed with them all.

Being well experienced with the various types of Indian Weddings Long Island, we have a full database of Long Island venues and knowledge of where will best fit your wedding requirements. After all, which Indian wedding does not have a few hiccups? With our knowledge, we plan in advance to accommodate all the possibilities so that your auspicious event is memorable and enjoyable. We at Chandai Events are flexible with planning for any size and budget to fit your Long Island Indian wedding. No task is impossible and the impossible is certainly no task!

We look forward to planning your Long Island Indian wedding planner, for more information – click here!


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