Indian Wedding Planner Happy New Year

Good Bye 2020, On to 2021 with 

Indian Wedding Planner Happy New Year!

Indian Wedding Planner Happy New Year

WOW! 2020, has been like none other than uncertainty and heartache. Some of us have lost loved ones due to Covid-19, we are sorry. As an Indian Wedding planner Happy New Year,  We want to wish you a Happy, Healthy, and Better Year ahead for 2021. 

We have been behind the scenes with our 2020 couple and assisting them in moving their wedding dates, moving the vendors, sending out postponement, and working on the guest list. With an Indian wedding planner by your side are with you during the Covid pandemic. Chandai Events is here, not only as a planner but as a friend. We are all in this together. YES, we are 21 days into 2021 and a new president! Vaccines are out! We are making moves! Small moves sometimes are the best moves. As the world is taking baby steps. We are taking steps, it is a new day with new possibilities. 

Chandai Events has been working diligently on making sure our couples are wed-stress-free during the pandemic. 

We’d love to help you with creating a magical experience to remember – you can request information by clicking here!


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