Fire Truck Indian Wedding

Why do we have a fire truck Indian Wedding?

Fire truck Indian Wedding

As wedding planners who plan incredible Indian weddings, South Asian Indian wedding, West Indian weddings, Nigerian weddings, American weddings, and more. We have tons of stories behind the scenes the client doesn’t know about until the end of the night. The fire truck Indian wedding was one of the stories, the couple knew about right away. Of course, Chandai Events could not hide a professional fire truck.

For Maduri and Dennis’s wedding at Marigold, there was an alarm that had gone off as an error. During that same time, Maduri and Dennis were taking pictures before there reception outside with the gorgeous weather and great landscape of Marigold. Chandai Events checked in with the team to keep the couple and photographer calm and cool and the lead Leena checked in on the venue protocol and what is our next step. Leena found out there it was a false alarm and all was good. However, we had this fire truck from Community Volunteer Fire Co #1 here and there were watching us and we were watching them. So Leena decides to be crafty and ask if they would like to take part in a few pictures. They were excited to take part.

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