NYC Indian Wedding Planner

How to make the right decision on your wedding cake with an expert NYC Indian wedding planner?

NYC Indian Wedding Planner


With all the details surrounding your big day, some couples question to cake or not to cake.  Well, this NYC Indian Wedding Planner says, “To Cake!” The wedding cake is one of the many details for your big day.  It’s another way to put forth your taste and personality. 

As it will be in many of your photos, you can choose a cake perfect for you. Your Indian Wedding Planner encourages you to embrace your cake as an art, just like your attire, food choices, and venue. It has a style and represents you and let’s not forget about the tastes. This NYC Wedding Planner has many years of experience with tastings and design of the weddings cakes. 

Your NYC Indian Wedding Planner learned to not place real flowers on your wedding cake.  Why you’d ask?  Well, the real flowers release water from the stem and get into your cake. It changes the look and tastes. When choosing the perfect cake, you look at the designer and flavor of the cakes. Some of the best cake I’ve tasted is Carlo’s Bakery of Cake Boss, City Cakes, Madison Lee, Ron Ben-Israel to name a few. 

We’d love to help you with choosing your cake for your wedding day, as an NYC wedding planner – you can request information by clicking here!


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