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What is the difference between a venue wedding coordinator and a professional wedding coordinator? 

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As one of many top Indian Wedding Planner NYC weddings are our passion. We hear it all the time from couples our venue has a coordinator and we don’t need you. We also hear the venue will take care of all the details. 

The difference between a venue wedding coordinator and your professional wedding coordinator is:

  1. Venue coordinator: you only have access to on the day of the event
  2. Professional wedding coordinator: Chandai Events and you have built a personal bond over some time. You both have ideas and suggestions on paper to follow.  
  3. Venue coordinator, you cannot call for advice or suggestions if needed at any time. 
  4. Professional wedding coordinator: you can call, send a text message or even send an email and Chandai Events will respond. 
  5. Venue coordinator doesn’t create a master timeline for you. A play by play of what should happen, when it should happen. 
  6. Professional wedding coordinator like Chandai Events creates a kick-ass timeline from the time you have to wake up down to a break. That is what you need!  

How does a professional event planning company like Chandai Events an Indian wedding planner NYC work with venue coordinators? Let us tell you! First of all, we always speak with the manager for your swanky event. We get to know who they are and what they don’t want us to do. But we always ask how can we make it work? As you know Chandai Events is here for you and your best interest. When the venue coordinator is there we always allow them to assist us on what we are doing.
I know you are dying to read more, but let us discover your memorable event.

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