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You have just recently just got engaged and you are planning a Long Island Wedding that is a rock star worthy event.  You want your wedding to be the party of the year that everyone talks about for years down the line. As a Top Long Island Wedding Planner, I have learned the ins and outs of planning the best wedding possible.  Most of our clients contact us because they don’t know where to begin once they’ve picked out the perfect dress.

Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips

  1. Hire a Planner:  While the first one may seem self-serving, I can’t possibly encourage you more to hire a top wedding planner to help you save money on choosing the perfect date, venue, and vendors. We have bargaining power for you utilize. Also by hiring us as your top Long Island wedding planner, you will be able to have fun planning your wedding and living your daily lives without the stress.
  2. Choose a date that’s off-season or off-date:  You can get married anywhere you like on Long Island. However, your date takes a huge part of where you want to be. Getting married in summer verses getting married late fall can make a difference in price.  Further, consider Thursdays, Fridays or non-holiday Mondays for your wedding date.  Thursdays and Mondays are two of the hottest days of the week for a wedding and can save you a ton of cash on your Long Island wedding.
  3.  Give yourself time to plan. It is great to want to get married in 8 months or less.  It’s an exciting time and you want to get on with your married life, but it comes with stress, you will be much happier with more time.  Even greater than 12 months can relieve issues with money and with time.  Giving yourself at least 16 months to plan will help your relationship, too!  If you give yourself the time you can budget better and smarter for all the extra “must haves” that will inevitably pop-up.

As a top Long Island wedding planner, I’ve got a ton more money saving tips, contact me and we can chat more about your wedding and your individual needs!


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