Long Island Month of Planning

How Do We Conduct Long Island Month of Planning?

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Let us walk thru a Long Island month of planning in Pearl River, New York with Nishi and Arpit. It was truly a smooth sail, it was simple and gorgeous. Their month of planning started about 55 days prior to the event when we took over from them to ensure all the details were complete.  Our month of wedding planning service includes a consultation, where we reviewed the details of the wedding including their vendor’s contracts and the details of what they were receiving from each vendor. Nishi and Arpit had a hand full of perfectly picked vendors for their wedding.From there we began to produce a timeline for month of wedding planning to ensure their vendors work together to create a seamless wedding day. One of the most important items that we assisted with was the ceremony and were in the Hilton Pearl River Hotel it would be set up. It was always their dream to have an outdoor ceremony and the backup plan was indoor for 400 guests. Nishi and Arpit looked forward to having the outdoor ceremony; however, we needed to discuss the weather conditions since the weather forecasted 35% chance rain with 50% humidity index. After carefully going through our day of wedding planning options, we had 48 hours prior the wedding date to make a final decision. It took a lot of convincing to move the ceremony indoors since it meant a total change in what they actually wanted for their wedding day. Thank God we moved indoors because towards the end for their first look it rained and the humidity was already at 60%.  It was the best possible decision for their wedding day and Nishi and Arpit’s friend and family was sitting indoors far away from the rain and nasty humidity that would have awaited their outdoor wedding. Thank you, BnB Photography for capturing some amazing shots!

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