Ghosting Emails Wedding Vendors

How to tell a wedding vendor you won’t be booking their service?

Ghosting emails Wedding planners

Hi there, you are planning the time of your lives! Yasssss you are contacting 5 Indian wedding planners , 4 wedding decorators, 3 makeup artist and 12 dj! Sound like a lot? It is, it also can overwhelmeing as well to yourself.  YES you want answer if there is availability and cost. If you have not has the time to download my free estimate please click here for it. Remember we are all here to have a flawless wedding. If you as the host has received quotes from vendors, don’t ghosting wedding vendors emails, it is very rude. We all take the time out to talk to you or meet with you. How to tell a wedding vendor you won’t be booking their service, well that is very easy. Here are some option below to help you… pssss copy and paste to keep it.  

  1.  We want to thank you for your time but we decide to book with another vendor (wither there package was better they offered more or , you vibe with them better)
  2. We are feeling overwhelmed and aren’t ready to book any new vendors until we define more of our exceptions 
  3. Your proposal was so inclusive, but we need to stay in out financial comfort zone. 

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