Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Chandai Events

Happy New Year from Chandai Events


We want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year from Chandai Events. May 2022 bring lots of happiness, great health and an abundance of opportunites. As we enter another year of covid and uncertainy of social events will cancel or another state shut down. 

As a planner we discuss what is the standard opertating procedures during these difficult time that we all face. It is not easy for all of us. Planning with Chandai Events we ensure an seamless process and understanding of what our opitions are. Chandai Events leads you into an experience in planning the best wedding or event for you and your guest. Your guest experience is very important as a feed back to being th best wedding they ever went to, 

Wiether your wedding is 2022 or 2023, don’t wait to long to book vendors. There is supply and demand with everything down to floral arrangements. Create your pintrest board to have ideas. This will help you in seeing what your dislike and likes are. Price vendors out, every one is different and you probably vibe with one DJ then another. 

We are looking forward to plannig your amazing wedding, click here to inquiry!


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