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Ria, knew what she wanted. She had the best South Asian Indian Wedding Planner New York City has to offer. Ria wanted to have the best view of lower Manhattan and on a Saturday afternoon with perfect weather and a colorful sky.  The catch – Ria did not have a wedding date or budget. This Long Island wedding planner was called to the rescue.

After sitting down with Ria and Sid, with a couple of laughs and conversations of what’s important to her, Ria, an Engineer by profession had a better understanding of her budget. One she called a “reverse engineer budget” after I took her into deconstructing and analyzing her vision and implementing it within her wedding planning process with all the devilish details.

The compromise of a Saturday balmy afternoon allowed her a Monday wedding at Maritime Parc with its wraparound terrace allowing 270-degree views of the lower Manhattan skyline while perched on the edge of the Hudson River. This New Jersey Indian wedding was a lavish treat for her guests who were enchanted by the views if not from the terrace, then through the ceiling to floor windows from within the main ballroom.

For Ria, who is Indian-American, having her wedding location with the Statue of Liberty looming in the background, wanted to ensure her heritage, culture and life be resounding in all details from the décor and bridal hair and makeup to nanny service and especially creative but meticulous photography to capture it all. No small aspect was overlooked, as it all contributed to the look, feel, sound and memory of a wedding that should last throughout the marriage for years to come.  With 13 months to a final wedding date and countless phone calls, emails and text messages brought a bride’s vision to life on the most auspicious day of her new life.

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