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How do we celebrate a wedding post-COVID-19 with a wedding planner New York?

wedding planner new york

We went to sleep one day and woke up to a world of uncertainty. New York and the Tri-State area was hit so hard with a bat. As a wedding planner New York, we are prepared to handle crisis. Coming from the hotel industry, there are changes. Sometimes these changes come with a blink of an eye and we have to come up with a plan and continue fixing the plan to make it work best to everyone.

We work every step of the way with our clients to ensure their celebration will happen at a later date. There is a light at the end of tunnel, it may seem that this light will not shine. But it will better. We are New Yorkers and we can get through anything. After COVID-19 there will so much more reason to celebrate life.

Will people move on, yes!

Will people celebrate love, yes!

Will people have 400+ guest list, NO! Why because some have realized they want a smaller intimate crowd verse having that large is just too much. We will move forward and look forward to celebrated all those missed occasions,

We would love to work with you as your wedding planner, you can request information by clicking here.


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