Memorable Indian Weddings

Memorable Indian Weddings

I’m Chandai and if you’re looking for a super amazing wedding
planner, I’m your girl. Planning the best memorable Indian weddings is what we are known for.

But first, I want to introduce my company, Chandai Events. I’m located in New York City and
I love planning events! Being behind the scenes, making sure
things run smoothly, educating, and advising the client on choices
and options. I love the questions, the challenges, figuring out
the puzzle of where things go, and how the details of the event
fit together the different styles and traditions. I love the
wedding day and the excitement and the beautiful clothes and most
of all, I love the kiss. The moment when you become married to
your fiancé is a perfect day for me.

What do I do? It may be easier to tell you what I don’t do!!
But know that I’m your partner – were married before you were
married. Best part I have most of the answers for you before you even asked.

I am here to take all the burden and let you have all
the fun. Whether you need a full-service wedding planner and
event designer by your side from the start or you need somebody
to help wrap up the finer details and take the tasks from you at
the last minute, I will customize a service for your needs. It’s
what I do! Everyone’s needs are different and they required the best attention to detail.

Just to give you some peace of mind, I want to offer you a free
initial thirty-minute meeting with me and we get you on the books so we can
figure out the best way to help you with your wedding!
schedule your free initial meeting!

Let us discover your memorable Indian weddings now!


Serving New York & Beyond

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