Top New Jersey Indian Wedding Planner

Top New Jersey Indian wedding planner

Twinkal and Hemal New Jersey Indian wedding was magical at the Villa at Mountain Lakes. As a top New Jersey Indian wedding planner we careful planned out their time and design. Twinkal and Hemal had very demanding schedules. They decided to hire a wedding planner to assist in creating a magical wedding.

Twinkal and Hemal decided to have there wedding at the Villa at Mountain Lakes for it location and style of venue. The venue to the Twinkal and Hemal was warm and cozy for their August wedding. We held the ceremony indoors to keep everyone cool. It was a typical summer day, but no worries. Hemal wanted  to give Twinkal a special gift. It was picture frame, but it was in the frame. It was song from their first dance together written out in Hindi. Of course by our side was capturing all these priceless moments was Memories Studio.

Twinkal and Hemal were very traditional with the ceremony and the colors. They decided to stay with vibrant red and gold with a hint of green. The bridal party  wore gold with green. As for the reception, the royal blue and gold was a great hit.

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