Sophisticated Indian Wedding New York

Naveen and Nadia both come from 2 different types Indian cultures. Naveen and his family come from Indian. They are Sindhs. Nadia and her family are from Guyana. Both from a Hindu background with different traditions. Never the less, this sophisticated Indian wedding New York happend in Brooklyn. When you think of Brooklyn thesed days, it it new poping place to have any kind of events. There are so many hiden venue gems you can’t think of. Naveen and Nadia Indian wedding was at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.  During the day, the Brooklyn bridge area are known for there corporate legal systems, from the courthouses, attonerys and judges. The Brooklyn Marriott spices up Brooklyn at night like you never seen it before.

Nadia and Naveen had fablous taste in choosing their Indian wedding decor. They exclusive picked their mandap style to fit there vision, It was so clear, sophiscated, elegant, classy and of course dreamy. The mandap dope as… you all know, what I’m talking about.  All the guest were wowed upon entering the ceremony. Even the team at the Brooklyn Marriott was astonished at the transformed ballroom.

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