Bengali Guyanese Indian Wedding

Our team at Chandai Events loves planning weddings, and one of our favorites is this Bengali Guyanese Indian wedding that Ajit Singh beautifully captured. The groom, Nitin, is half Guyanese and half Bengali, while his lovely bride Lipica is 100% Bengali. They celebrated a traditional Bengali ceremony at The Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The street was closed for our guests to enjoy this amazing and fun Bengali Guyanese Indian wedding with a mixed baraat and Volcanik Entertainment taking over New Brunswick. Of course, you know Volcanik was able to make everyone party like a rock star.  The couple felt like movie stars with their names showing up on the theater sign across the street. To top it all off, the décor of this magnificent Bengali Guyanese wedding was in the hands of  Mandaps by Dhoom.

Like all our couples, Lipica and Nitin are unique, and their wedding had the coolest details. One that caught our attention was that Nitin is a mentalist, so they decided to have over a magician and a mentalist during their cocktail. The guests were pleasantly surprised as someone who appeared to be a guest came up to them and read their minds. How freaking cool is that? We love to incorporate the uniqueness of couples into their wedding to make them extra special. It wasn’t your traditional cocktail that you attend, grab a drink, and eat. It was more of an experience all the guests received. Having your guest engage at your event makes your guest feel special.

Chandai Events is ready to discuss the wedding planning services you need today. We offer services to help you plan your wedding from day one. Our experience in Bengali Guyanese Indian weddings makes us the most prepared team in the industry for your celebration. You can request information today by clicking here!


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