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Here is our favorite  Indian wedding vendor list now available to you all. We have created a bond with each and every wedding professional that we have worked with. At Chandai Events we have worked with some amazing vendors. We have built a great work environment, planning experience and we love what we do. Here is our favorite South Asian vendor list, now available to you all. We have created a bond at each and every Indian wedding we have worked on. It is my honor to recommend these vendors to you at your fingertips. Know you can stop searching and driving yourself nuts. I know you are on the search for the perfect vendor of your desire. You have been to a ton of weddings and don’t know who to choose from. You’ve called your cousin to talk about the details of the vendor. You also have stalked their Instagram page to see where they are and what they are doing. Guess what, I do the same cause sometimes are can be at the same location and we want to say a simple hi to each other. That is a bond we will always have. 

Our South Asian Indian Vendor list has worked very hard in creating an atmosphere of professionalism, creating an event experience, and enjoyment for the guest. The food, decor, and music are more than just that. It is the experience to remember a love story. 

It takes a team of amazing event professionals, (like myself) and a team of Indian wedding vendor list of professionals to pull off a wedding of 350 guests or more, 1 million roses, and a setup that can sometimes take up to 15 hours or more. 

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