Indian Wedding Planner Advice COVID-19

How do we get this throught this pandemic with an

Indian Wedding Planner Advice on COVID-19?

Indian Wedding Planner Advice COVID-19

You have been planning your wedding for a 1 year or more. It is a celebration for a life time. Indian weddings have so many days of events and rituals and it takes time to plan and get items and vendors togther. As Indian Wedding Planner Advice COVID-19, this is a serious virus. We all have to take extra precaution. Postponing your event is best thing to do. Each state has different rules. We need to listent to CDC and our local goverment. Postponing your event is not an easy task. All your favorite vendors may not be available. My experience, is that if a vendor gave to options as a client we can ask questions. But cancelling the event, hurt the event industy and most vendors, this is our bread and butter.

For Chandai Events we have accomadated our clients new dates. If we were not available, they understand that someone will fill in as me. The same went for are other vendors. This was a hard transition but we love our client and value thier celebration of love! You can celebrate love at anytime of year beside a world pandemic. Note to some clients, you also have to take the time to understand that weddings will happen, but not currenlty. Once the pandemic is over we can definatley create those memorable, fun love stories you wanted.

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