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How do you plan your Hindu wedding

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Hindu wedding events

Indian weddings are very colorful, excited and of course festive. Did you know there are different types of Hindu wedding events NY that take place for the wedding but also different through out the India, Guyana, and Trinidad. Hindu wedding events are celebrated a little differently. There are South Indians, Tamils, Telugu, Punjabi Hindus, Gujaratis, Maharashtra, Bengali, Sri Lankans Hindus, Guyanese Hindus and Trini Hindus. Customs and traditions also varies from family to family.

Here at Chandai Events we always ask, what are your traditions, your customs. We dig a little deep with the couples and the parents to see how the puzzle will fit and the average timing. At the end, it is not my event, it is yours! All the events revolve around the couple and their family traditions. We want to ensure your memories are preserved for a lifetime. 

We all know that Indian weddings are long, sometimes the priest could be boring or just too hot. The events of the Hindu wedding can be a small gathering to large festive fun. Some of the events are done at home privately for example the Grah Shanti puja. Other Hindus sometimes have multiple puja through out the week. You can keep as small or large as you wish too. 

We understand how to take care of your Hindu wedding events NY. Let us discover your event and creating a flawless event for your guest, click here for more info.

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