Guyanese Indian Wedding Budget

How do we create a 

Guyanese Indian Wedding Budget?

Guyanese Indian Wedding Budget

All wedding couples have easy access to the internet, print magazine and of course our friends and family. We love creating and finding ways to elevate your wedding, planning accordly to your Guyanaese Indian wedding budget is what we have speciality in. With the internet we see wedding details at a faster time, wether its the lastest Manisha Malhotra or Sabyasachi lengha. Guyanese family have large famlies. Some of our parents have 9 siblings on each side. YES 9, a total of 36 aunts and uncles. Now those aunt and uncle are not single so we are now up to 72 with there spouses! Yes 72 now. Remeber we are only taking about bride or groom side. Wait, those aunt and uncles have kids, lets say 2 each, that 36, now your guest count is 108 persons. Do you know what the guest count may be? Welllllllllllllllll, if you guest 424, you are correct, that is just family. We just don’t have weddings on the street. We have it at Mandir or event space for the ceremony. Depending on the venue and how many persons it can accomdate. Budgeting is hard for some and for other it is easy,  but understanding what you get and your guest experience it can create a very magaical wedding for you and your guest. 

As your professional experienced wedding and event planner our experise in knowing what items can cost.

We’d love to create your Guyanese Indian wedding budget for you – you can request information by clicking here!

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