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We are super excited you are requesting the free estimate financial guide Indian wedding. This is the best gift I can give you to start planning the wedding of the year or a small intimate wedding. There is a common belief that Indian weddings cost a lot, and it is a question I hear often. But how much does an Indian wedding cost in reality? To be honest, there is no right answer. Like any other wedding, it all depends on the expectations and wishes of each couple. And of course, the size of the wedding, because the larger the guest list, the larger the budget.

Wedding cost is directly related to the guest count because each guest represents a chair, a space at the table, a table setting, a meal, a drink, an invitation, and the list goes on. But how much you spend on each guest is relative. You can choose an expensive wedding venue with five-star catering and bar services and top-of-the-notch rentals, or you can host your wedding at a family property and offer a casual dinner.

Plus, there are a whole different set of spences that depend on what the couple prefers. For example, a wedding DJ could save you some money compared to a live band including 15 musicians. And same goes with your wedding photographer, videographer, other entertainment like dancers or live performers. And then there is your décor, and you can keep it low if you stay with what your venue includes or make it grand and lavish, adding hanging installations and personalized details.

Here at Chandai Events, we offer different packages to assist in planning. It could be full planning, partial planning, just venue scouting, or even reviewing your budget and letting you know what would work for you. The estimate financial guide Indian wedding can assist you in budgeting properly. There are no two couples alike, and in the wedding industry, things are similar. Each wedding has unique characteristics that adjust to each couple’s needs.

We understand you want to make the most out of your budget and organize the wedding of your dreams. That is why we cater to every need for our couples, planning from day one or offering honest advice to keep your budget under control while establishing priorities to fulfill all your dreams. Contact us to start planning your wedding today.


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FREE Estimated Financial Guide to a Perfect South Asian Indian Wedding

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