Planning Two Different Indian Events

What do you need to know about planning two different Indian Events for your wedding?

We all love to experience South Asian wedding events. They can last for multiple days with different events, different locations, and of course many attire. Planning two different Indian events can also cause some challenges in location. You as the host should think of the experience you want and what you want for your guests. Choosing a sangeet venue in NY and an Indian wedding venue in NJ is really not the best option or experience for your guest nor yourself. The sangeet and Indian wedding location can put a strain on the travel time and get ready of the couple, their families, and guests. 

The best advice I can tell you. Is, that you need you to choose a location that is in 20 minutes driving range. Also, get a hotel room block. That amount of time driving, 20 minutes is not that big of a deal. You also need to know if you will be providing a shuttle service for your guests to get to events from the hotel. A map of the event location will assist you in seeing how far everything is. 

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