Indian Jewish Weddings

Indian Jewish Weddings

Here at Chandai Events weddings are our passion. Planning and celebrating Indian Jewish weddings is an amazing experience.  We love to see when you two different cultural and religion come together. With Jewish and Indian weddings there are a lot of details that need to capture. We love to sit with the couple and review what they want from the ceremony aspect, family rituals, and guest experience. We are here to understand and make a seamless event planning process with our expertise. With Jewish events, we always take in mind the restriction they have if there are kosher versus Glatt kosher.

Indian Jewish weddings are so much fun from the food, ceremonies, the music. Jewish people love to experience Indian weddings because it something they have never seen in person and practiced. We work with some of the best Jewish caterers in town. They definitely know how to cook up a storm and bring the food to the next level.

Hosting a wedding experience from the planning and the guest’s perspective. There are so many moving parts that need to be seamless and well thought out. Of course, having two ceremonies can be very long and tired some to the guest. However, you make it up with entertainment, a grand cocktail hour, and some kick-ass décor.

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